Shrink film FP QSL

Shrink film FP QSL

Thickness: 9, 11, 12.5, 15 a 19 mic

QSL is a fast-sealing, and even faster shrink film with an exceptional high shrink ratio for an excellent “wrinkle free” finish. This film answers your most demanding product from calendars to chocolate boxes… QSL properties are non-corrosive.

  • High shrinkage and quick sealing
  • High-speed applications
  • Designed for odd shaped products
  • Superior gloss
  • Hot-slip

  • Product benefits

  • Quick shrink initiation, fast-sealing and ultra-fast shrinking performance maximizes production speeds even under the most demanding circumstances.
  • Maximum hot & cold “slip” ensures easy package insertion and removal from the master carton.
  • Exceptionally high shrink ratio ensures that the film conforms to the package and provides “wrinkle-free” finish
  • QSL is non-corrosive, assuring no carbon build-up on sealing system.
  • Exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance gives added durability and toughness for a stronger packaging.
  • Complies with standards for direct food contact.
  • Type of foil Polyolefin (POF)
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