Lamination and cutting

On the basis of technically sophisticated developments, various packaging solutions can be produced to meet customer requirements. Special lamination technologies are used depending on the nature of the laminate and the specific application. In addition, the rolls can be cut according to customer requirements. Our roll cutters are equipped with a lateral control system and laser pointer to guarantee precise cutting. In cooperation with our specialists, the selection of the most suitable recipes will result in a flexible packaging that meets your specific application needs.


One of the secrets to great flexible packaging is using exactly the right laminate to make your bags or packaging.
At ALEDET, we know that there is absolutely no substitute for experience and refined skills when it comes to laminate production.

Mashing different types of films together to form a laminate is difficult enough. But knowing which combinations of films will provide exactly the right properties for consumer packaging is something else.

laminování skvělého flexibilního obalu

On our machine we are able to laminate duplexes, triplexes and quadruplexes using solvent-free adhesives. The product determines which film/material and adhesives can be used. With web widths up to 1100 mm. Our equipment is capable of laminating up to 18 million m2 of film per year.

řezání a převíjení při tvorbě obalů


Cutting multiple layers of laminate or thin film or narrow roll widths and achieving a uniform roll throughout are precise skills that require specialist knowledge.

The cutting machines in ALEDETO are able to cope with most requirements. We can process rolls up to 2050 and 1000 mm roll width, but also smaller sizes, with thicknesses from 12 to 500 microns.

We operate two German-made cutting machines. High cutting precision and excellent roll winding guarantee trouble-free processing of our laminates on customers' packaging lines. Our annual capacity is 1000 tons per year.