Quality management

Our systematic quality management follows a well-defined and well-structured process and starts right from the beginning when selecting the basic raw materials. We only use high-quality raw materials from leading manufacturers.

Efficient processes

All manufacturing processes are monitored and recorded for traceability and product consistency, ensuring that all products are produced within defined tolerances to ensure exact specifications are met.

Throughout the multi-stage production process, our products undergo a series of comprehensive checks by trained personnel from the production department.

  • All sites have an ISO 9001 quality management system in place
  • Full traceability of raw materials and processes
  • Raw materials only from approved suppliers
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Full compliance with customer specifications


Member of the Czech-Slovak Packaging Association SYBA

At ALEDET, we are constantly educating ourselves in the field of flexible packaging production, following trends in terms of product launches and subsequent disposal. We also consider it important to keep up to date with current packaging legislation so that we can inform our customers in good time about important changes that are in the pipeline and that may affect them.

Quality Management Certificate

ALEDETO is regularly audited and has long held the ISO 9001 MANAGEMENT QUALITY certificate. This certification guarantees the quality and safety of the products and the ecological behaviour of the company. The current certificate is available here.

Nestle sweeps audit

Cooperation with multinational brands often means an audit from the customer. In this case, we at ALEDET can also boast a certificate from NESTLE.

development cooperation

Our production team, headed by a technologist, regularly tests new films, new adhesives and varnishes for their feasibility. Our know-how and the exchange of ideas with our customers and suppliers form the basis for developing packaging that meets the most ambitious barrier functions.