Frequently asked questions

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What are your standard delivery times?

For the most commonly ordered roll widths we hold finished goods in stock usually 1-2 working days. In the case of custom production of specific widths or rolls 2-5 working days.

What are the possibilities for measuring surface tension?

We recommend using special inks or markers designed for measuring.

How long is the warranty period for the film?

6 months from delivery date.

What are the standard widths of the laminating films you keep in stock?

Glossy and matt foils are normally available in widths from 320 to 720 mm + master roll in width 1900 mm. For special foils, widths are available on request.

Is the laminating film printable?

Yes, e.g. screen printing, UV offset (but not traditional offset). However, all processes must be tested first.

Is it possible to apply hot embossing to a laminated sheet?

Yes, some types of foils are very suitable for this. We recommend that you consult our expert who will recommend a suitable film.

Is it possible to laminate a digitally printed sheet?

Yes, in this case we recommend using foils that are specifically designed for this application. Please consult our expert.

What is the ideal time between printing and lamination?

2 days depending on the type of print and drying conditions.

How does paper moisture affect lamination?

Moisture has a significant effect on the entire lamination process. Moisture changes the behaviour of paper, adhesive, inks and to a lesser extent the film. Paper that is too wet has a negative effect on the adhesion of the film to the sheet, unwanted electrical charge can be generated and, among other things, strong variations in humidity can change the format of the printed sheet.

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