What sets us apart?

Material expertise

Many brands and manufacturers turn to ALEDETO for innovations in flexible packaging. We work hard to earn this trust by offering a variety of material structures as well as expertise in laminating, coating, printing and finishing techniques that can make any packaging look as good as it works.

Obalová řešení na míru
Obaly produktů na míru

Operational know-how

We understand the packaging of consumer goods, especially the operational aspects that can make or break a new design. That's why, as well as working to push material innovation forward, we work equally hard to ensure machine compatibility, recognise existing equipment assets and ensure the portfolio we represent is commercially available.

Take the hassle out of packaging

Take the hassle out of packaging At ALEDETO, you can trust our team to::

  • eliminate lead time issues by establishing a vendor-managed inventory agreement (such as a make-and-ship or a min/max program) customized around your forecasted packaging demands..
  • speed up time-to-market by working with your team to engineer a package that perfectly meets your speed, performance, and aesthetic requirements.
  • quickly troubleshoot packaging issues with help from our field tech engineers, who will come to your facility whenever a packaging line issue arises.
  • never treat you as a small fish in a big pond; we’ve built our entire business on serving midsized brands well, giving them the attention and support they need. Every fish in our pond is big.
  • reduce the risk of packaging stockouts, even if you already have a primary supplier. We can serve as your secondary supplier — sitting on the bench until you experience a surge in demand or a lead-time issue with your primary supplier
  • High quality packaging printing

    OFFSET PRINTING: It has the highest resolution, high quality prints with a smooth color transition function.

    • The fine text is clean and crisp with accurate registration
    • Rich photographic detail and subtle colour gradients
    • Eye-catching packaging = higher potential to reach more consumers
    • Premium packaging = opportunity to work with the final price of the product
    • Versatility - Easily manage product variations, seasonal editions and private label promotions
    • 100% Production Control All manufacturing processes - Speed and quality control with pre-press, plate making and printing allows for faster time to market
    • More environmentally friendly than conventional technologies - solvent-free inks, aluminum printing plates allow 100% recycling.

    Inventory holding services (call off)

    All of our stockholding programmes are tailored to individual customers, we can assess your needs and adapt to your specific requirements.
    Responding to our customers' requests is also a big part of our stock holding services. We offer same day and next day service for emergencies and standard 3-day service for normal everyday recall orders.
    All of this can be adjusted when your needs change.


    Offset printing and digital printing provide a number of economic advantages. By using ALEDETO's presses, you save 4 to 5 plates per design


    Our advantage is the ability to print not only multiple SKUs at once, but especially the ability to place small minimum orders. By doing this we are able to drastically reduce inventory obsolescence and storage costs for our customers. Customers can take advantage of our short lead times and low minimum orders to run additional promotions, create limited edition packaging and test new products in the market.

    málonákladové objednávky obalů
    krok k udržitelné ekonomice oběhového toku


    The choice of only one environmentally friendly material allows selective sorting and optimal recycling, which can be implemented using flexible packaging.
    Environmentally compatible recycling. Without optimised sorting, all the effort invested in the last step of the recycling chain is lost. This is where flexible mono-material packaging comes into play: it represents a major step towards a sustainable circular economy.

    We therefore recommend the use of flexible monomaterial laminates for certain products. Instead of working with laminates composed of different materials - e.g. PET/ALU/PE - it is possible and sensible to select only one laminate material.
    We can produce laminates based on PP monomaterial, with or without barriers, which are easier to recycle. Given the new packaging legislation, this option is certainly a great alternative to conventional laminate materials.