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What are your standard delivery times?

The standard production time for film cutting is 4-6 days. For production of printed packaging and laminates 2-3 weeks from approved proofing. In the case of "recalls" of pre-made products, the delivery time is 1-2 days.

Can I order a sample roll to test?

Of course. The first option is to produce a custom sample exactly according to your specifications. Alternatively, we will offer you the nearest width and winding from our stock of finished products.

What are the minimum order quantities?

Lower units of kilograms. Depending on the nature of your order and the input materials from which it will be produced.

In what format and how should the print data be processed to be ready for printing?

Use the Delivery and Print Data Format Guidelines document at:

Packaging design and development

We assist our customers in all stages of the design process from initial concept to finished product. Our experienced sales staff can recommend the best packaging options for your product. Likewise, our in-house graphics and DTP studio can guide you through the entire packaging design process.

Service of process and appeals

In cooperation with our transport partners, we have access to a wide range of transports. For our distributors, we also offer an anonymous shipping option where the actual sender is not listed.

How do you ensure a colour match with the original packaging that we printed at another printer or when reprinting with you?

Using a photospectrometer, we take a picture of the reference sample or the original packaging. With this highly accurate and reliable instrument, we quickly measure and identify the best match of all colours to the recipe in the database and, based on this, select the production process so that the final product matches the reference sample as closely as possible.

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