BOPP White-Metal 28

BOPP White-Metal 28

Thickness: 28 mic

BOPP White-Metal 28 a multi-layer, cavitated, white OPP film with an enhanced sealant to allow sealing through contamination. This film has an exceptional barrier to gases, flavors, and moisture. It is metallized on one side with a proprietary sealant layer on the other. BOPP White-Metal 28 is lap sealable to other coextruded OPP films. BOPP White-Metal 28 is used as the inner web for adhesive and extrusion laminations, where superior moisture and oxygen barriers are required. BOPP White-Metal 28 provides an excellent light barrier and is designed to provide strong, leak-free seals for flat pouches and has been designed specifically to replace foil and a sealant web in those applications.

Product benefits

  • Exceptional seal strength
  • Outstanding opacity
  • Outstanding moisture and oxygen barrier
  • Excellent aroma and flavor barrier
  • Excellent flex-crack resistance
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Improved barrier to Mineral Oils compared to non-barrier film(1)
  • Tloušťka
    Plošná hmotnost
    Rozsah svařovacích teplot
    28 20.7 0.1 0.1 65°
    Type of foil BOPP
    Barrier properties High
    Surface treatment Metallic
    File Name Size Download

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